whats your name? emily!

how old are you? 19!

do not message me “follow back/follow me?” this is rude. don’t ask it. i’ll respond “FAQ”

will you check out my blog? of course! just ask :) ** please be following me already

vote for me? sure! just be following me. 

DO NOT MESSAGE ME “PROMO REACHED” i watch my promos and have usually started on the lists before they reach so i find this message EXTREMELY rude. 

promo me? make me a fan sign and must be following me

promo for promo? must be following each other. 

double promo? must be following each other for sure. message me the number of followers. (please have at least 4000)

when did i start my blog? beginning of october 2011

want to get my attention? make a post and tag it “livexbreathexfashion” 


this is not a street, glam, everyday, high, or runway fashion blog. it is all combined. it is a “MY STYLE” blog because it represents my style. if i see an outfit i like, then i reblog it regardless of the type of photo/outfit it is. 

i LOVE talking to you guys so feel free to ask anything at anytime!

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