see this beautiful girl? she looks so happy right? she committed suicide on March 2, 2012. She was 18. I played soccer with her for years. She was one of the happiest people i knew. She was always laughing, and always making people laugh. Always joking and being goofy. Everyone loved her. She graduated for the Marines bootcamp and just after getting out committed suicide.

I dont know if she felt like she had no one, but there are so many people in pain and hurting because she is gone. We lost a beautiful person, a great teammate, and an amazing friend. We would do anything to have her back. 

Please, if you are thinking about suicide, talk to someone because there are people that care about you even if you don’t feel like it. 

I still can’t believe she is gone. She had such a good heart and so much to offer the world. Please, please don’t ever think suicide is an option. YOU have so much to offer and so many years ahead of you. I beg you. I’m here to talk to anyone that needs help.

RIP Priscilla Guzman 

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